Top Things To Do in Mykonos

//Top Things To Do in Mykonos

Top Things To Do in Mykonos

Are you planning on going to Mykonos island for vacation but still don’t know if it’s the right choice? If so, have a look on our “Top things to do in Mykonos” and you will definitely want to visit this beautiful island.

Stroll around Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town (called Chora) is the heart of Mykonos. With its beautiful, traditional, cycladic blue and white houses and its tiny streets full of shops, churches, and windmills. Mykonos Town is a pleasure to the eye. Each little corner and every beautiful house is a photo opportunity. Matogianni is the busiest alley in Mykonos and is the island’s most well-known market. Fashion and nightlife are combined here. Walk along the narrow traditional alley and you will find luxury stores, international clothing brands, accessories, jewelery, works of art and many souvenirs. The most beautiful thing is that all the shops, no matter how luxury or well-known brands are, all retain traditional Cycladic architecture, keeping the traditional style of the island.

See The windmills

Perhaps one of the most iconic features of the island are the windmills in Mykonos town, which are visible from any point of Chora (as the locals use to call it). Residing on the hilltop of Chora, most of the windmills were built in the 16th century by the Venetians to take advantage of the strong winds on the island in order to mill wheat. Even though they are no longer in use, they serve as symbols of the powerful importance of innovation in using a natural resource to bring wealth to the island.

Today, visitors can view the windmills from afar, up-close, or can visit museums now housed inside their walls, such as in the Bonis Windmill.

See the Sunset from Little Venice

Alefkantra, or Little Venice as it has come to be called, is located on the southeast end of Mykonos’ town harbor. A strong resemblance to Italy’s famous town on the water gave rise to the town’s nickname.Leaning right over the water, this picturesque cluster of arcaded Venetian houses hides numerous bars, boutiques and clubs.

Catch a show at the Cine Manto

A great way to start you night is catching a movie at the open-air Cine Manto, located inside the Municipal Garden of Meletopoulos in Matoyianni street. Set in a beautiful environment full of palm trees and cactuses. Enjoy first worldwide released films and box-office productions under the beautiful Aegean Sky.

Look out for Petros the II

The Pelican of Mykonos. The Pelican called Petros (Peter) is an integral part of the island of Mykonos and rightfully it has become the mascot of the island.  Petros is one of the islands most famous residents and can often be found wobbling along the harbourfront area of Mykonos town.

Armenistis Lighthouse

Looking for more photogenic sites in Mykonos?Armenistis Lighthouse offers excellent views of the Aegean Sea and the island of Tinos.Armenistis Lighthouse was built in 1891 as a tribute to the rich maritime history of Mykonos island while remaining fully functional today. You can find the first lighthouse of Armenistis at the Maritime museum.

Visit Gyzi Castle

The ruins of the Gyzi Castle are found just a few kilometers outside Mykonos Town. This landmark is packed with history, giving visitors a chance to wonder what it might have been like to live on the island in centuries gone by.The castle dates back to the 13th century and took its name from the Gyzi family, a noble family from Venice which governed the Cyclades at that time and protected the island from pirates and other intruders. This also explains the Venetian medieval style of the castle which differs from the Greek cycladic architecture and style of the rest of the island.

Visit Panagia Paraportiani

Mykonos’ most famous church, the whitewashed, rock-like Panagia Paraportiani, comprises four small chapels – plus another on an upper storey reached by an exterior staircase. It’s usually locked but the fabulously photogenic whitewashed exterior is the draw card. Plus Mykonos is full of chapels with beautiful colors to capture with your camera.

Are you ready to be part of these magic vibes in Mykonos island? Do you feel thrilled about the things you are going to see? Stop losing time and book your accommodation here!

We look forward to assist you with further information about the island.

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